photos: Guillermo Vidal



Premiere at International Festival Cádiz en Danza / MOV-s, Cádiz (Spain) ((Spain)spain)
Two gymnasts, an olympic stadium, the floor, the balance beam. The audience encourages the two opponents. What room for movement there is out of balance, between the vertical and the ground? Duet-like fall and precision routines. The audience applauds again, the atmosphere livens up. Before we fall we will hold a fierce and singular competition.

Concept and choreography: Roser López Espinosa
Creation and dance: Maria Campos Arroyo and Roser López Espinosa
Music: Seul88
Lighting design Israel Quintero
Costume advice Lluna Albert
Production: L'escènica

Thanks to: Sergio Rodríguez, Raquel Gualtero, Rosa Espinosa, Inés Boza, Guy Nader and Alfred Mauve

Resident Artist La Caldera 2012.
With the collaboration of Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya.

Photos: Guillermo Vidal

Duration: 20 min

Sound: sound equipment with amplifyer and two speakers + CD player
Espace: minimum 8m x 8m, with the audience at 3 sides, very close to the dancers, marking the limits of the action space.


28.11.2013 Auditorium Kultur Leioa, Leioa - Programa RedEscena
20.11.2013 Dansa Ara - La Pedrera, Barcelona
11.10.2013 Teatro Rosalía de Castro, A Coruña - Programa RedEscena
30.04.2013 Ateneu de Celrà
28.10.2012 Festival BAD, Bilbao
20.10.2012 Dansamàniga, Sa Màniga, Mallorca
19.10.2012 Universitat de Palma de Mallorca
7-9.09.2012 Fira de Tàrrega, Tàrrega
19.07.2012 Festival NunOff, Barcelona
07.07.2012 International Festival Dies de Dansa (DDD), Barcelona
09.06.2012 International Festival Cádiz en Danza / MOV-s, Cádiz - PREMIERE
31.05.2012 Work in progress - La Caldera, Barcelona