Second Prize of New Tendencies at International Choreography Contest Burgos – New York 2008

Còncau II is a physical study inspired on the avant-garde work by Spanish sculptor Pablo Gargallo (1881-1934). He researched on the creation of volumes departing from the empty space, suggestion and inversion of the convex and concave surfaces of the bodies reproduced in metal. Minimalist figures that kept the most extreme details of the real form. Departing from his working methods, I recreate my body into a new imaginary one. I define each step by the empty space around it, cut the movement and reconstruct it into pieces, vary its outlines and reinvent my silhouette.

“ …
a suggesting body turned into sculpture.
Omar Khan. SUSY-Q. Revista de danza, nº12, 2008

“…The choreography attacks directly the body possibilities and contemplates the body as a moldable material, with its axes, modifiable zones and tensions: Roser López plays with her torso, her hands, her hair and one gesture brings another in a natural manner, looking for the dynamics of the sculpture. The cold formality of the piece works and along half an hour her body is being experimented, fixing and moulding it with fluidity one time after another until becoming of course, a sculpture with its board (…)"
Francesc Meseguer, Danza Ballet, 2008.

Concept, choreography and dance: Roser López Espinosa
Original music: Ivo Bol
Lighting design: Katinka Marac
Lighting technicians: Daniel Caballero and Katinka Marac
Artistic assistance: Isabel Ollé Carpintero and Susana Amarante Duarte

Thanks to: Renée Copraij, Ramon Tort, Cristina Campillà, Maria Campos, Jordi Solé, Núria Calafell and Lídia Puigdomènech

Created in residency in La Caldera - Centre of dance and contemporary performing arts (Barcelona), Korzo Theater (The Hague) and Dansateliers (Rotterdam). Co-production of La Caldera and AREAtangent. With the support EADC, Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació, Generalitat de Catalunya.

Photos: Anna Padrós

Duration: 25 min

Còncau is presented at international dance festival Dies de Dansa 2007 (Barcelona) as well as Temporada Alta 2007 (Girona) and Mes de Danza 2007 (Sevilla) in program AREAtangent – La Caldera. Also invited by Instituto Cervantes during Uitfeest Utrecht 2007 festival (Holland) and at young makers program BCSTX 2008 of theatre Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). It is later awarded Second Prize New Tendencies of International Choreography Contest Burgos – NY 2008. Performed in dance festivals in Spain, Holland, Japan and Egypt: international festival Creative Forum 2010 (Alexandria, Egypt), international dance festival Yokohama Dance Collection R 2009 (Yokohama, Japan), Palma amb la Dansa 2009 (Palma de Mallorca) and theatre l’Estruch 2009 (Sabadell, Spain), Korzo Theater (The Hague, Holland).

Some theatres have held a photo exhibition of Còncau. Among others: Korzo Theater (Holland) and BCSTX - Mercat de les Flors. + info


Report La Caldera

Online Interview- Diari de Barcelona

PDF - Artistic dossier
PDF - Technical rider
PDF - Press


22.11.2014 - MACBA / Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona
14.04.2011 - Contemporary dance cicle at UB, Universitat de Barcelona
02-03.10.2010 - TNT Festival, Terrassa
18.09.2010 - CCB, Burg
02.06.2010 - La Pedrera, Barcelona
26-27.05.2010 - Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
23.05.2010 - TanzArt Ostwest, Giessen (Germany)
12.03.2010 - Centre Cultural de Cardedeu
03.02.2010 - Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups, Alexandria (Egypt)
29.05.2009 - L'Estruch, Sabadell
02.05.2009 - Festival Palma amb la dansa, Palma de Mallorca
08.02.2009 - International Festival Yokohama Dance Collection R / Showcase (Japan)
13.09.2008 - Korzo Theater, The Hague (The Netherlands)
30.08.2008 - International Choreography Contest Burgos - NY, Burgos
20-21.05.2008 - Program BCSTX - Mercat de les Flors / Tantarantana, Barcelona
03.11.2007 - Mes de Danza - Muestra Internacional de Danza Contemporánea, Sevilla
12.10.2007 - Festival Internacional Temporada Alta, Girona
09.09.2007 - Festival Uitfeest Utrecht, Utrecht (Holland)
29-30.06.2007 - Dies de Dansa - Int. Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes, Barcelona


October - November 2014 Babèlia, Barcelona
08.11.2012 - 18.12.2012 Escola Municipal de Dansa de Celrà
25.06.2010 - 20.12.2011 La Caldera - Centre de creació de dansa, Barcelona
26 - 27.05.2010 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam (Holanda)
05 - 12.03.2009 Centre Cultural de Cardedeu
05 - 12.02.2009 Yokohama Dance Collection R / Showcase, Yokohama (Japan)
20 - 31.05.2008 BCSTX Program, Mercat de les Flors / Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona
February - March 2008 Korzo Theater, The Hague (The Netherlands)