>> DESVÁN 2017

Graduation project for Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (Mexico)

TRY-OUT: 13/06/18 - Auditorio de la UNAM, Querétaro (Mexico)
PREMIERE: 16 - 17/06/18 - Teatro de la Ciudad, Querétaro (Mexico)

A room of old appliances. The attic is that space, real or imaginary, where objects, secrets and memories are piled up out of use. It is the corner of knick-knacks and treasures we want to keep. That place in the middle of oblivion is our land of creation and play. In it, we intertwine bodies and complicities, invent landscapes and plot fictions. Together, we have created a shared time and imaginary. With its beginnings and endings. Endings and principles. Its dreamy moments, its disorder, its entanglements and its winks. What bring us together is a reason for celebratation.


Concept and direction: Roser López Espinosa / Dancers: Ana Laura Juárez Ortiz, Miroslava Shadey Léon Rangel, Itzel Zenaida Ortiz García, María Malagón Olague, Paloma Denisse Soto Elías, Paloma Anaí Carrasco López, Melysa Joyce Ramírez Cortés, Melissa Stephanie Rodríguez Castillo, Paulina Alejandra Medina Villegas, Mayra Margarita Torres León, Daniela Montserrat Guerrrero Mejía, Martha Paola Montiel Zamora, Ana Beatriz del Castillo Garza, Leticia Fernanda Jiménez Frayle, Edgar Jezahel Reyes Pérez Moya, Bruno Barón Escobedo, José Antonio Estrada Sandoval, Jesús Alberto Hernández Gómez / Assistant: Lorena Lozada Sáez / Coordination: John Martín Cordero Peralta / Music: Mark Drillich, Henry Purcell / Sound space: Mark Drillich / Lighting design: Marcela Dovali, Roser López Espinosa / Costumes: Lluna Albert, Roser López Espinosa

Productionn: Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (Mexico)

With the support of: Auditorio de la UNAM, Teatro de la Ciudad de Querétaro (Mexico)

Photos: Grüsse

Duration: 50 min