>> L'ESTOL 2017


Nominated for Best Choreography 2017 at the XX Critics Awards

PREMIERE: 28/09/18 - Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

L'ESTOL (the flock) departs from the fastinating migration journeys of the birds and the desire to fly. The piece focuses on all the possible entanglements of bodies and complicities wihtin the group, in order to move on together and reach a common goal: to fly through immense landscapes. It is a group journey that returns us to the animality of the body and movement, to effort, beauty and the spirit of freedom. A landscape made of complicities and team work to resist through thejourney and its obstacles. An imaginary world of birds and men,full of light and vitality with a powerful and yet delicate physicality. An ingenuity game to spread open our own wings. The flock is the big formation of birds that crosses the sky, moving as one. At dusk, the sky is full of murmurations.

"...an impressive ascendent journey. The plot hooks you without palliatives and all the proposals made during her long duration debut [Lowland] reach a magnetic and superior category this time. The movement chains, the narrative proposals, the actions and the emotions multiply in an exponential maner and they explain a story that grows and develops this deep idea of fighting against adversity, go over your own body limitations and reach thus the supreme fact, flying. Once reached and mastered, it becomes a supreme pleasure, a game, a life way." Jordi Cervera, Catalunya Ràdio

“L’estol” exposes a highly physical lenguage, but it also does a spiritual, animical and sentimental reading of this bodily alphabet that moves, that becomes a sort of apology of individual and collective effort, of learning, endurance and freedom."
Jordi Cervera, Catalunya Ràdio

"her work is vital and it reveals the enthusiasm of youth
Carmen del Val, El País


Concept and direction: Roser López Espinosa / Dancers: Iris Borràs, Nora Baylach, Samuel Minguillón, Maria Hernando, Enrique López Flores, Roberto Provenzano, Daniel Rosado, Andrea Vallescar García O’Meany / Original music: Ilia Mayer, Mark Drillich / Lighting design: Joana Serra / Collaboration: Katinka Marac / Advice on stage design: Max Glaenzel / Costumes design: Lluna Albert, Roser López Espinosa / Costumes production: Lluna Albert, Marc Udina / Assistants - Apprentices: Ana Barroso, Albert Bassas / Repetitor and artistic coordination on tour: Laura Vilar

Production: Departament de Cultura - Generalitat de Catalunya
Coordination and executive production:
Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

With the support and complicity of: Teatre Principa (Olot), Teatre Bartrina (Reus), Teatre Monumental (Mataró), Teatre Kursaal (Manresa), Teatre L'Atlàntida (Vic), Teatre de La Llotja (Lleida), Teatre Atrium (Viladecans), Teatre Joventut (L'Hospitalet), Teatre Principal (Vilanova i la Geltrú), Teatre Zorrilla (Badalona), Teatre Auditori Felip Pedrell (Tortosa), Teatre-Auditori (Sant Cugat), Teatre Alegria (Terrassa), Teatre Josep Maria de Segarra (Santa Coloma de Gramanet), Teatre Principal (Girona), Teatre Auditori (Granollers), Teatre Principal (Sabadell)

Dedicated to the Amsterdam birds (MTD students).

Thanks to: John Ashford to lit up the spark, the MTD2 students (Theaterschool in Amsterdam -AHK to start the journey), Domènec López, Sergio Roca Saiz and Rosa Espinosa

Photos: Alfred Mauve, Xavier Vilaregut

Duration: 30 min >> double-bill program with Many by Thomas Noone

+ info: Mercat de les Flors > National Dance Production of Catalonia

ON TOUR: autumn - winter 2017-18

28.09.17 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona - PREMIERE
29.09.17 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
30.09.17 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
01.10.17 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
20.10.17 Teatre Principal, Olot
21.10.17 Festival COS, Reus
28.10.17 Teatre Monumental, Mataró
03.11.17 Teatre Kursaal, Manresa
04.11.17 Teatre L'Atlàntida, Vic
10.11.17 Teatre de La Llotja, Lleida
11.11.17 Teatre Atrium, Viladecans
17.11.17 Teatre Joventut, L'Hospitalet
18.11.17 Teatre Principal, Vilanova i la Geltrú
02.12.17 Teatre Zorrilla, Badalona
11.12.17 Teatre Auditori Felip Pedrell, Tortosa
20.01.18 Teatre-Auditori, Sant Cugat
21.01.18 Teatre Alegria,Terrassa
26.01.18 Teatre Josep Maria de Segarra, Santa Coloma de Gramanet
09.02.18 Teatre Principal, Girona
11.02.18 Teatre Auditori, Granollers
16.02.18 Teatre Jardí, Figueres
18.02.18 Teatre Principal, Sabadell
23.02.18 Teatro Principal, Zaragoza


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