>> FINE LINES 2020

Creation for SKÅNES DANSTEATER (Malmö, Sweden)

PREMIERE: 06/02/2020 at Holland Dance Festival, The Hague (NL)

The work of Roser López Espinosa is based on strong physicality, with great passion for precision, delicacy, acrobatic elements and detail. A lively and playful physical universe of refined poetics and often a touch of humour.

The new duet FINE LINES is a dialogue between two exceptional women. A meeting shedding light on the fine lines between us, reminding us of our differences, our boundaries, the outlines of our intentions. But what brings us closer together? What do we want to celebrate in each other? On stage, two women. So delicate, so powerful.


Concept and choreography: Roser López Espinosa / Creation and dance: Madeleine Månsson, Anna Borràs Picó / Original music: Mark Drillich / Costume design: Åsa Gjerstad / Lighting design: Mattias Jonsson / Production: Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden)

FINE LINES is part of the program Mixed Doubles and Europe Beyond Access, a project running until 2022 supporting inclusive performing arts practices and offering the European audience more unique performances with European artists with and without disabilities. Mixed Doubles is a co-production by Skånes Dansteater, Holland Dance Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre and Oriente Occidente. As part of Europe Beyond Access. Cofunded by Creative Europe.

This is the third collaboration of Roser López Espinosa with Skånes Dansteater. She previously created The Entertainers (premiered in Swedish Connection 2018 program in Seoul, in collaboration with Korea National Dance Contemporary Dance Company) and the solo Featherweight, where boxing and the Firebird paid tribute to the feminine body.

Duration: 20 min

Photos: Tilo Stengel, Sjoerd Derine

SKÅNES DANSTEATER // dance company >> www.skanesdansteater.se
EUROPE BEYOND ACCES >> www.disabilityartsinternational.org/europe-beyond-access

Holland Dance Festival 2020 - Korzo Theater (The Hague, The Netherlands)
Kalamata Dance Festival 2020 (Kalamata, Greece)
Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2020 (Rovereto, Italy)
Dansfunk Festival 2020 - Skånes Dansteater 2020 (Malmö, Sweden)
Festival Sin Límites 2021 - Montevideo (Uruguay)
Presenti Accessibili - Oriente Occidente Festival 2021 (Milano, Italy)