First Prize of Solo Contest at 11MASDANZA – International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, Spain (2006)

Difference. Change. Variation. Perspective.
A gesture just a minute before.
So simple…

The lizard’s skin is based on a question about the narrow border between the versatile and what we think that defines us. A female character explores on movement, space and the focus of the eyes. Through this process she let us see two opposite and at the same time complementary sides of herself, without abandoning her initial gestures.

“… a rigorous and organic female body…”
Carlos Paolillo, SUSY-Q. Revista de danza, nº 6, 2007

Concept, choreography and dance: Roser López Espinosa
Lighting design: Katinka Marac
Lighting technicians: Katinka Marac and Israel Quintero
Sound: Lars Skoglund
Advisors: Marta Reig Torres and Renée Copraij

Thanks to: Ana Ladas, Paul Beumer, Isabel Ollé, Valeria Primost, Anja Sielaff, Raquel Gualtero and Marianne van Kerkhoven.
Produced with the support of Overtoom 301 and Muiderpoorttheater (Amsterdam) and
Àrea. Espai de dansa i creació (Barcelona).

Photos: Anna Padrós i Vicente González

Duration: 15 min

The lizard’s skin was first presented in Muiderpoorttheater (Amsterdam) in 2006. That year it was awarded First Prize at the Solo Contest of 11MASDANZA – International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, Spain. Since then, this piece has been invited to international dance festivals such as: Short Formats (Milano), Julidans (Amsterdam), Yokohama Dance Collection R (Japan), Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), Dies de Dansa (Barcelona), Dansa València, Tensdansa (Terrassa, Spain), Endanza Itinerante (Sevilla) and Voorjaarsontwakken (The Hague, Holland).

PDF - Interview in MU magazine

PDF - Artistic dossier and technical rider
PDF - Press


20.12.2013 Liceo de Gernika, Gernika
04.10.2013 Festival Vila-Real en Dansa, Vila-Real
24 - 25.01.2013 SAT! Barcelona
10.10.2011 Short Formats Festival, Milano (Italy)
14.04.2011 Cicle de dansa contemporània de la UB, Universitat de Barcelona
10 - 11.02.2011 Trayectos Sala, Zaragoza
04.07.2009 Julidans Festival - ILTWT, Amsterdam (Holland)
07.02.2009 Yokohama Dance Collection R Festival, Yokohama (Japan)
06.10.2007 Tensdansa - International Dance Festival, Terrassa
20 - 21.09.2007 Endanza Itinerante – Centro de Artes de Sevilla, Sevilla
30.06.2007 Dies de Dansa - Int. Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes, Barcelona
08.06.2007 Tanec Praha Festival, Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)
04 - 07.06.2007 Tanec Praha Festival, Praga (Czech Republic)
01.06.2007 Tanec Praha Festival, Ostrava (Czech Republic)
05.05.2007 Festival Dansa València, Valencia
14 - 15.04.2007 Voorjaarsontwakken Festival, The Hague (Holland)
06.11.2006 Centre Cultural de Cardedeu, Cardedeu
05- 06.10.2006 11MASDANZA - International Contemporary Dance Fest., Canary Islands
25 - 26.05.2006 Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam (Holland)

OTHER - Video screenings

03.06.2010-17.07.2010 "Gorputza" Exhibition, by LiquidDocs and Noventa Grados, Donostia
03.07.2010-30.12.2010 "Gorputza" Exhibition, by LiquidDocs and La Caldera. Barcelona
18.12.2009 Exhibition "8 parells de botes". Centre d´art Bòlit, Girona