Creation project BARCELONA_MONTRÉAL by creation centres La Caldera (Barcelona) and Circuit-Ést (Montréal)

PREMIERE: Festival GREC 2012, Barcelona

BARCELONA_MONTRÉAL | Intergenerational and intercultural creation project
BCN_MTL is a project of collaboration and artistic exchange to encourage experiences and dialogues between artists from different cultures. Young artists and artists with an extended experience and dance career are paired in this project. As a result, two pieces by two young choreographers - Roser López Espinosa (Barcelona) and Marie Béland (Montreal) -, performed by two dancers and makers with many years of expertise: Louise Bédard (Montreal) and Inés Boza (Barcelona).

Louise and I started this project with the initial aim of a solo for Louise based on the idea of a portrait: identity and disguise. At the end of the first phase in Montreal, a picture caught us both sitting in the exactly same position while we were talking, deeply convinced, about our many and strong differences.That image surprised me so much that I decided to turn the piece into a duet game. Where we dance and talk about our divergencies, about all what we unexpectedly shared and about the process itself: two women who didn't know each other before, coming from two different countries, two different generations, and apparently with very different ways of understanding dance and how to stage a piece, finally succeed in meeting each other.


Concept and diretion: Roser López Espinosa
Creation and dance: Louise Bédard and Roser López Espinosa
Music: Ivo Bol, James Cotton
Lighting design: Israel Quintero
Special thanks to Alexis Eupierre

Co-produced by La Caldera in Barcelona and Circuit-Ést in Montreal, Canada.
With the support of Festival GREC de Barcelona and Bureau del Quebec in Barcelona.

Duration: 30 min

LA CALDERA // creation centre >> www.lacaldera.info
CIRCUIT-ÉST // choreographic centre >> www.circuit-est.qc.ca

Photos: Alfred Mauve