CSD / Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

PREMIERE: 04-05/02/17 - Teatre Alegria, Terrassa

TRAMA CREATION LAB is a proposal of group work and collaboration for 13 dancers. A game thought up from group physical mechanics and complicities. How much does a body weight? How can we move a body entangled with other bodies? How much do we trust the person manipulating us? How many bodies can we move at once? We play with a strong and at the same time delicate physicality, creating never ending weavings and intertwining bodies in full action and bodies who let themselves surrender to gravity.


Concept and choregraphy: Roser López Espinosa / Creation: Ana Barroso, Albert Bassas, Carme Carretero, Gabriele Farinacci, Maria Ferrándiz, Laura Gutiérrez, Isadora López, Maria Mourato, Marta Reguera, Paula Rísquez, Teresa Serrat (CSD3 2016) / Dance: Ana Barroso, Albert Bassas, Isadora López, Marta Reguera, Paula Rísquez, Violeta Iriberri, Sara Hernández, Vicente Roldán, Sivgin Dalkilic, Iris Allain, Roberto Guglielmi, Uxía Pérez, Marina Miguel / Music: Mark Drillich, Ilia Mayer / Lighting design: Joana Serra, Roser López Espinosa

Project inititied during the Creation Lab CSD3 2016.

Thanks to: Lluna Albert

Photos: Nora Baylach, Sílvia Cantone

Duration: 12 min

TRAMA CREATION LAB | Roser López Espinosa & CSD (2017)